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Inna Val Helm has served as a trial consultant and linguistic translator in various venues, and her resulting familiarity with courtrooms and legal proceedings is evident throughout certain passages and illustrative images of Return to White Catcliff.

The writer’s own vivid out-of-body experience inspired said novel and is largely responsible for its conceptual content. Helm’s creation of the nemesis, VEIL (Volunteer Eleemosynary Institute and League), is loosely based upon the world’s political climate over the past eighty years.


A student of the mind, Inna Val Helm has studied the human and animal psyche and related philosophy across Europe as well as the eastern seaboard of the United States, resulting in a litany of fully developed characters.


The author gratefully acknowledges the invaluable contributions of the illustrator, Leni Prouse, whose artistic skill and untiring efforts have provided the gift of sight to the storyline.


Special thanks go out to Hannah K., a devoted fan and talented architectural student, who donated drawings that depict her favorite characters in the book.

Author Inna Val Helm

Author Inna Val Helm by Leni Prouse

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